Turning Magnetic fields into virtual touch

Mid-air force and tactile haptic feedback

HapMag provides researchers, developers and innovators in AR/VR, medical simulators,
robotics, Human-Computer interaction, gaming, education, and digital art the ability to
integrate mid-air haptic force feedback into their systems.

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Virtual force feedback projected onto your fingers

Mid-air force haptic feedback 

Augmented/Virtual reality lacks realism compared to traditional physical means which involves the human sense of touch. Mid-air haptics is an emerging technology that can enhance the realism of interaction with AR/VR. 

HapMag is an electromagnetic-based haptic interface that provides the user with both force and tactile haptic feedback in mid-air without direct contact with the system.


HapMag has been part of ACE Incubator (cohort fall 2021). ACE is a joint effort by UvA and VU to valorise science- and tech-based initiatives.

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Alaa Adel

Mechanical Engineer

Alaa Adel is an essential part of the team, and has been with HapMap since the very beginning. As our Lead Design Engineer, he has helped with developing our mid-air haptic rendering device

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