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Turning Magnetic Fields into Realistic Touch

Mid-Air Kinesthetic Force-Feedback

Abstract Background


Empowering Medical Professionals with HapMag


HapMag is revolutionizing haptic technology with its unique electromagnetic-based system. Our innovative technology utilizes magnetic fields to allow the user to feel kinesthetic sensations in mid-air without any direct contact with the system.

HapMag system is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of applications including gaming, VR, robotics, medical simulations, and more. Our technology is designed to be highly customizable and can be tailored to each user’s needs. We are passionate about providing our customers with a personalized experience and strive to provide the best haptic experience possible

Haptic feedback

Experience the future of medical training with our innovative mid-air kinesthetic haptic device, designed to provide realistic touch sensations 

Finger tracking

Experience Freedom of Movement with HapMag: The Revolutionary Magnetic Hand Tracking Technology

Specially designed 
for medical 

Elevate your medical training with HapMag - Feel the Difference.

Customizable design

Personalize Your Experience with HapMag—Customize Your Force Feedback

Abstract Background


Haptic Force Feedback in mid-air without direct contact with the system.

Augmented/Virtual reality lacks realism compared to traditional physical means which involves the human sense of touch.

Mid-air haptics is an emerging technology that can enhance the realism of interaction with AR/VR. 

​HapMag is an electromagnetic-based haptic interface that provides the user with both force and tactile haptic feedback

Abstract Background

We develop a Mid-air force feedback device that uses magnetic fields to render virtual objects in mid-air.


This groundbreaking technology is tailored for medical training applications, allowing trainees to practice e.g., palpation with unprecedented accuracy and realism.


With HapMag, medical professionals are able to interact with virtual objects as if they are real, receiving haptic feedback to help them understand the tactile sensation of palpation.


HapMag is an essential tool for any medical training simulator, pushing the boundaries of realism and providing unparalleled training opportunities.

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